Tyson Wilson Recruitment Launch New Training Framework

Recruitment consultancy Tyson Wilson Ltd have launched their new 8-point training framework aimed at helping large organisations become more focused on employee engagement, retention and leadership development.

Founder and owner of the company Michelle Tyson says the move into providing training services is a reaction to client needs and the changing landscape of the recruitment industry.

She explained: “We have pulled together a training framework which allows us to partner with and utilise our network of professional experts and experienced trainers in order to offer Tyson Wilson clients a fuller, more complete service.

“Whether taken in tailored sessions or as a full training plan the Tyson Wilson Training Framework allows our team to work with clients and their teams to increase employee engagement, improve employee retention, positively affect team morale and focus on a range of leadership objectives and more.

“The framework has been created in such a way that we can work with clients to provide a tailored approach to their in-house learning objectives.”

Some of the new training packages available include:

  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service
  • HR Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Coaching (large groups, seminar style)
  • Mindset
  • Healthy Choices
  • Thought Leadership
  • Content & Publicity 

For more information or to request a call or meeting with Michelle email info@tysonwilsonrecruitment.co.uk or call 07860636486

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