4 Common Misconceptions About The Call Centre Industry

When it comes to job searching, more often than not, we are influenced by what we have “heard” about an industry rather than what we know.

The call centre industry is one of those industries where people have a number of misconceptions – not necessarily unfounded, it was once a hard sector to work in.

However, in the last decade the thriving world of call centres, especially in the UK and Northern Ireland, means employers have had to up their game significantly.

As a result it can be, for some people, one of the best places they’ve ever worked.

Here’s 4 common misconceptions about working in a call centre:

  1. Working in a call centre is all about making calls to people who don’t want what you’re offering

The first thing that you need to know about this very common misconception is that there are actually a wide range of jobs available within call centres. From sales agents to quality assurance, from customer service agents to IT personnel, there are many roles that may appeal to you, and many opportunities that offer job satisfaction. 

Even if you do opt for an outbound sales job, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be faced with a nightmare of a job! After all, you’re calling people to offer them something that is going to bring added value to their lives. 

Yes, you will encounter some people who will be brusque, if not downright rude, but let’s face it, you’d meet the same people in any sales situation – and even further afield! It’s all a matter of learning how to deal with such situations in a calm and rational manner.

  1. Call centres are all based on targets and you’re given little time to meet them

Any sales job – and many customer service jobs for that matter – will involve targets. It’s a matter of understanding your targets and, if you find them unachievable, discussing them with your line manager. 

Most sales targets are based on analysis of performance so, if others are meeting their targets and you’re not meeting yours, it’s a matter of asking for further training or for pointers as to how you might improve your performance.

  1. Call centres are boring, unfriendly ‘sweat shops’

This is a very common misconception about call centres, but it’s very wide of the mark. In addition to the fact that they provide a very sociable environment, there’s also a terrific team spirit in many call centres and you’ll find that you’ll be quickly – and warmly – welcomed into the company!

  1. Working in a call centre is a road to nowhere

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The number of skills that you can acquire by working in a call centre is endless. 

Ongoing training means that you’ll gain insight into handling customers in a highly-professional manner as well as excellent sales and objection handling techniques. 

Multi-tasking is one of the most highly-developed skills employed in call centres and once you’ve gained experience in working in a call centre, you’ll be armed with a skill set that you’ll be able to take with you into any future career.

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