6 Skills You Will Learn At a Call Centre

It’s easy to think the call centre industry is just a modern factory where people stop off in between “real” jobs. That’ couldn’t be further from the truth.

The thriving sector is full of training and promotional opportunities and can not only be a fantastic stepping stone to your chosen career or a wonderful place to carve your own career with plenty of job types and management roles available.

Here are 6 things you will learn at a call centre, regardless of whether it’s a stop gap or a permanent career:

  1. Communication skills

It probably goes without saying, but excellent communication skills are vital for working in a call centre. Even if you think you have good communication skills when you first join a call centre, the ongoing training, not to mention dealing with customers on a daily basis will hone your skills until they’re razor sharp and will enable you to deal with even the most trying of experiences.

  1. Improvisation

Call centre training is wide-ranging and extensive. In addition to the ‘script’ that you’ll be given to learn, you’ll also be taught coping skills for when a customer doesn’t follow your script! At times like that, creativity and improvisation will be the name of the game!

  1. Keeping calm

When your voice is your only means of communication, it’s vital that you maintain a calm and cordial tone at all times, regardless of the tone and attitude of the person on the other end of the line. 

Always take the time to let the caller explain why they have phoned. This not only shows that you’re interested in their call but, in the event that they’re agitated or angry due to a particular situation, it gives them time to ‘get it all out’ and hopefully calm down.

  1. Strong work ethic

Call centre agents, who are successful in their career, share a strong work ethic. By watching those around you, who have done well in the company, you’ll see shared qualities, such as reliability and a commitment to any tasks undertaken.

  1. Excellent customer service skills

In a call centre, the customer is king and so, in order to succeed in your career you’ll be taught how to grow customer loyalty and how to develop a customer-focused attitude. 

In general, when someone rings a call centre, it’s because something has potentially gone wrong or the customer perceives that an error has occurred, so it’s vital that you keep a cool head and remain polite; reassuring the customer that they have your undivided attention. 

  1. Multi-tasking

When you work in a call centre, you’ll often find that you’re having to multi-task while you’re speaking to a customer. This means that you need to be carrying out tasks such as looking at their file and making notes – all while listening to the customer speaking and responding. Even if you think you’re not great at multi-tasking when you first join a call centre, you’ll soon find that you’ll hone your skills on the job!

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