Working In A Call Centre: Expectations Versus Reality

Mention the words ‘call centre’ and many people immediately summon up images of rows of people with headsets and telephones, frantically number crunching and being verbally abused by those on the other end of the line. 

Let’s take a look at the reality…..

Expectation: You’ll be working in a highly-pressurised environment

Reality: If your idea of ‘highly-pressurised’ is helping to resolve customers’ problems in a courteous and polite manner, then that’s exactly the type of environment you’ll be working in!

You have to remember that, when people telephone a call centre, they’ve generally experienced a problem in some aspect of their lives and want to put it right. 

On occasion, their frustration may cause them to be less than polite at the beginning of the conversation, but your training and well-developed communication skills will provide you with the ability to resolve the issue to their satisfaction. And how much job satisfaction will that give YOU?

Expectation: Working in a call centre means non-stop phone calls

Reality: Up until about ten years ago, yes, you would have been constantly communicating by telephone. Now, however, you’ll be working between calls, emails, social media, video chats and instant messaging, which will give you a diverse, dynamic and ultimately interesting work environment!

Expectation: Call centres are ‘unhealthy’ places to work

Reality: As with the first point, the old and erroneous image of hundreds of people sitting in a pressurised – not to mention usually windowless – environment has long gone. 

Many service agents are conscious of the fact that their work is quite sedentary and so many ensure that they put time and energy into looking after their health by going to the gym, taking part in sports and enjoying a healthy diet. 

Let’s face it – working in a call centre is really no different to working in an office where you’d spend most of the day at your desk.

Expectation: Call centre work is boring, tedious and monotonous

Reality: Since call centre work is centred around communicating with customers, you get the opportunity to speak to a diverse range of people. How incredibly satisfying is that? On top of the fact that you get to speak to customers, you’re also part of a great team, who take pride and pleasure from each other’s successes. 

In fact, a survey of call centre workers that was carried out a couple of years ago by LloydsPharmacy found that 29% of people who worked in call centres said that they had shared an extra-special connection with a colleague!

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