4 Top Tips For Choosing The Right Career

Searching for a new career can be a daunting experience, whether you are a budding school leaver, graduate or experienced professional there are so many options out there. 

Choosing the right career for you based on your skills and interest can be difficult, you want to succeed, enjoy your work and be challenged.

Some of us will find the right career almost immediately and stay in this industry our entire working lives, others will settle in a job and then realise it’s not for us. 

Finding the right career will give you job satisfaction and stop you hopping between companies until you find the perfect fit.

Here are some top tips:


Here And Now


Many people will grow up thinking they want to be a police officer, a writer or a professional footballer and then be left disappointed when those dreams are not realised. Forget the past and think about who you are right now. What do you enjoy and equally as important, what are you good at?

Think about subjects you may have studied or personal interests that you’d like to develop into more than a hobby, Words, numbers, visuals or physical activities, which get you excited? If it’s numbers, would you be satisfied working with numbers everyday? Or is it simply something you are good at but don’t wish to pursue?


Assess Yourself


Online career personality tests are often overlooked, as a tool they can be useful to give you an idea of what jobs might suit you based on your personality and they are definitely worth a try if you are struggling. We wouldn’t recommend applying for every job in the industry that is recommended but certainly offer it some thought.


Learning Is Life Long


Once you’ve found the right career path for you, you are likely to spend a long time researching the field, employers and those who might use the business service or product offered. Before you get to this stage though it is important to research all career paths that interest you. 

Wanting to be a police officer can seem exciting to begin with, before you realise a lot of your time will be spent completing paperwork. If you are a numbers genius and want to go into the accounting field, you may find that your chosen path will involve more cross checking than counting. Really understand the career paths and begin learning about them before you choose one.


Goals Are Vital


When you know what industry you want to set alight as you begin your career it is really important to have goals, both long-term and short-term. Entering into a new company can be daunting and it’s easy to get swept away by the endless training and forget what you’re really there for. You are there to build a career and this begins on day one.

Have a spreadsheet or document which lists your goals, set yourself realistic time-frames and note actions you can take to achieve these. Revisiting these once per week for an overview can ground you again and keep you on track.

Choosing a career does not need to be a minefield, you can make this a little more straightforward by following our 4 tips and remember, if you do find yourself in the wrong industry, don’t wait around forever before starting this process again.

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