Heavy Reliance On Key Workers In Northern Ireland With Recruitment Still Ongoing

More than a third of Northern Ireland’s workforce occupies key worker jobs, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics this week.

The figures showed the variations across the UK, Northern Ireland sits at seventh across the UK region with 33.5% of the work force recorded as key workers.

Michelle Tyson of Tyson Wilson Recruitment & Tyson Wilson Temps said the figures mirrored their own experience as a recruitment provider in both the temporary and permanent arena. She said the number of clients requesting key worker roles had increased in a short space of time.

“As we continue to work through these troubling times we are getting a better picture of the amount of people working in key roles,” explained Michelle. “It is interesting that here in Northern Ireland over a third of employees have been defined as key workers”

The top essential jobs here are health and social care, with just over 10%, education and childcare (6.4%) and food and necessary goods (5.8%).

“While traditionally Northern Ireland has an over-dependence on public sector jobs we are seeing that people are wanting to join key worker roles outside of that,” said Michelle. “A report from Money.co.uk showed that Google job searches for those roles rose by 67%.

“The searches for delivery deliver posts rose by 475%, postal workers rose by 371% and care worker by 144%.

“Clearly uncertainty in the job market and increasing unemployment has driven these rises, but it shows how adaptable the Northern Ireland workforce is, and the hunger to obtain good, rewarding jobs.”

The analysis by Money.co.uk looked at the searches for jobs, and revealed that overall searches for key worker roles were up by 164%.

“I am sure that a lot of the increases have been driven by the economic uncertainty,” said Michelle. “But we will be coming out of lockdown, hopefully, within a couple of months.

“There are employers who will be looking for people to start right away.

“From warehouse workers, through to administrative and call centre posts there will be a demand that will need to be met quickly.

“Already we have clients who will be recruiting as soon as the government advice is to do so.

“With that in mind my message to everyone looking to get back to work is to be ready to apply, and in the meantime stay safe, stay at home and be careful.”

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