Job vacancies jump 54% in the first week of June

Businesses across the country showed positive signs of resilience in the early part of June, with vacancies up 54% as the UK begins the process of getting back to work as the Covid19 lockdown begins to ease.

Michelle Wilson, CEO of Tyson Wilson Recruitment and Tyson Wilson Temps said the statistics released by Broadbean Technology, broadly reflect the situation in Northern Ireland.

“We have seen that whilst there have been major concerns over unemployment figures more and more companies are gearing up for a return to work,” she said.

“Northern Ireland employers are beginning the process of advertising vacancies and approaching recruitment agencies, such as Tyson Wilson, to return workforces to near or full complement.

“In addition we have noticed that we are being approached about more permanent positions, from when at the start of the lockdown temporary posts for drivers, warehouse and retail staff were the norm.”

Despite a steady decline in permanent vacancies since mid-April, Broadbean Technology’s data revealed a sharp increase at the beginning of June, with the number of new permanent jobs added to the 36,000 jobsites it tracks rising 51%.

While Broadbean Technology’s data revealed an increase in vacancies across almost every sector – with healthcare and ICT topping the leader board in terms of the number of new jobs added – demand for education staff spiked.

Vacancies were up 75% week-on-week following the reopening of some facilities across the UK as headteachers continue to struggle sourcing the teachers needed to welcome students back to school.

“As the Executive considers the steps to ease lockdown measures we are more likely to see growing demand across all sectors,” said Michelle. “We have become accustomed to the appropriate social distancing in shops, and employers will keep these in place as they fill vacancies to protect and give confidence to employees.”

Alex Fourlis, Managing Director at Broadbean Technology said: “The UK certainly started June with a bang and with some much-needed good news.

“It is incredibly promising to see an uptick in vacancies across so many sectors. While we’ve noted spikes from a few industries since the lockdown began in March, this overall increase truly marks the first positive steps for our economy.

“Of course, we hope this trend continues, but much will now depend on how the containment of the virus is handled as more of the UK reopens.”

Michelle said that Northern Ireland appears to have managed the lockdown better than most parts of the UK.

“We here have kept the reinfection rate low,” she said. “If we all continue to protect ourselves and others, follow government advice and use our common sense I hope that we will see the promising start to the month continue.”

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