Don’t Mess Up Your Spelling On Your CV

It is the common way to showcase your abilities and talent, but many people mess up their job prospects by making spelling mistakes on their CV, according to information released by, something that local recruitment agency, Tyson Wilson, warns job candidates time and time again.

“Gone are the days of having a dictionary by your side, but the fact that so many don’t use spell checkers in preparing a CV is worrying,” said Michelle Tyson, CEO of Tyson Wilson Recruitment & Tyson Wilson Temps said.

“Check, check and check again before firing off the email with your CV attached.
“It only takes one mistaken spelling to put an employer off. Too often as we work with employers we receive CVs that have spelling mistakes that we need to send them back to be corrected.” analysed 2,000 CVs to determine the results and surveyed 1,248 people to get more information on CV mistakes.

Surprisingly ‘perfectionist’ was misspelt in a quarter of the CVs analysed. Alternative spellings like “Perfactionist” and “Perfectonist” were among the most commonly noted.

Top misspelt word was ‘initiative’, while the least misspelt word was succeeded, with only 5% unable to succeed in getting the spelling correct.

But the warning from Michelle for job seekers is clear as 73% of hiring managers said they would be less likely to hire or offer an interview to an applicant with multiple spelling mistakes in their CV.’s survey also revealed that 41% of respondents have guessed how to spell words on their CVs and 23% of Brits think their CV was to blame for not landing a job.

“There are some common sense actions that you can take when preparing your CV,” said Michelle.

“First is, as mentioned, to check it. Having a family member read over it means a second set of eyes might notice any mistakes.

“The next is no waffle. Keep your language clear, concise and part from technical terms, use Plain English.

“Most word processors, such as MS Word, have a spell checker. Make sure that it is set to UK/GB English rather than US English.

“Also use online tools, such as Gammarly, to help spot grammatical mistakes.

“But, remember to check over the covering email or letter that accompanies your CV. An employer may not open the CV if there is a spelling mistake there.”

Michelle finished with one last reminder; “You can never check over it too much!”

If you need help assessing candidate CVs or finding a new job, contact Michelle at or go to

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