5 Top Tips for Recruiting Staff in The Legal Sector

Recruiting and retaining staff in the fast-paced legal sector is a challenge that every firm faces on a daily basis.


But there are things you can do to make life easier – and that will help you prosper at the same time.


Here are 5 top tips for recruiting staff in the competitive legal sector in 2021:


1. Show off your case history


The legal sector can be an exciting and fascinating industry to work in. Regardless of the role, no industry sees drama and quite like what goes on in a courtroom. Many people join the legal trade for this very reason; they want an interesting career! That and the prestige it brings.


When recruiting staff, use this to your advantage. While your firm may not be used to the level of excitement seen in gripping TV courtroom dramas, you’ll likely still have some tales to tell. Legal firms’ successes are often used to help them grow and attract clients. Apply this same principle to attracting talented staff.

2. Show off your advancement opportunities


People who pursue careers in law are often very ambitious and focused. Career progression will be essential to them, so this needs to be reflected in your recruitment materials. Whatever the career path may be for the role they’re applying for, make sure it’s clearly defined and prominently featured.


This also applies to any staff you recruit outside of traditional legal roles. For example, your marketing or administrative staff should also be shown their potential career trajectory. They too will be proud to work for a law firm and may have chosen to work for you partly because of this.

3. Take advantage of the staff you have to recruit more

It’s an old cliché, but birds of a feather really do fly together. Your employees are likely to have a network of contacts and friends that also work in the legal profession. Speak to your employees and ask them about their connections. Some may be more than happy to arrange a meeting between you and their contacts.


Although others may need something to be in it for them. So, consider creating a recommend a friend scheme to encourage your talented employees to bring their talented friends over – and essentially do your recruitment for you. This could save you money on recruitment in the long term.

4. Offer perks that are important to your employees


Those who work in the legal trade usually have options when it comes to where they work, especially if they have experience and a range of qualifications. Those who are new to the industry typically do everything in their power to gain their first legal job, giving recruiters all the power. However, this soon changes once employees start to amass experience – and make a name for themselves.


They may be tempted to jump ship if a competitor is offering better benefits. It may be worth investing in and providing the very best perks to your employees to hold on to talent. This will factor into their decision should they get itchy feet.


The benefits you offer can also be used to aid your recruitment efforts too. In time talent from other firms may be tempted to come and work for you instead.

5. Offer internships and Work Experience

An ideal way to build up a pool of fresh talent is to offer paid internships and work experience. Making these temporary placements payable also creates loyalty and positivity towards your firm. It will bring more students to your guidance, helping you cultivate an impression of kindness and achievement.


You will be seen as the firm that inspires the next generation of legal professionals. To do this, try to establish partnerships with local universities, colleges, and schools. Then offer encouragement and interest in those who visit you for work placements. Once they enter the job market, you will be the first company they approach – and you may have already molded them in your image.

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