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If you love to engage with people and enjoy sales, customer service or customer care this is a great place to be.

Do you like customer service, Sales, or after-sales care?

Maybe a Career in a Call centre is for you.

Customer Service / Sales / After-sales

Over the last 30 years we have seen a real change in the business landscape, which has led to the customer, rightfully becoming the nexus of all business transactions both monetary and non-monetary. The barrier to entry for new businesses is becoming lower which has then increased customer choice. So it has never been more important to herald customer service as one of the most important business functions.

With this increase in business competition the customers choice has placed them in control of who and how they choose a business to align with. This has made customer service and therefore call centres an increasingly fundamental piece of the entire business mix.

Working in a call centre can offer you a large number of career opportunities. As there continues to be an increasing demand for call centre agents  , once trained, you may see better opportunities within the call centre.

However, it is not just other call centres that you could work in, as excellent agent skills are highly sought after. If you are a successful outbound Call Agent, this may open up opportunities to work in other sales environments, as you will have proven your ability to sell and many of the techniques are transferable. Similarly a good customer service Agent, can use the skills they have learnt in other customer service type environments. You will develop many skills whilst being a call centre Agent, including PC/keyboard; telephone skills ; customer relations etc all of which are usually very important in most jobs.

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