Careers in Driving

Many of the biggest businesses in the world live and die by their supply chain... which is nowhere without its drivers.

Are you already a driver or does a career in driving interest you?

So what is it & what are the opportunities

Couriers & Deliveries / Light Goods / Heavy Goods

One of the most crucial members of the logistics industry are its drivers. They are the book ends of the process, meaning that they start it, and then finish it off. Almost all non-service-based industries require experienced of quality drivers to aid in their businesses and at Tyson Wilson we are permanently asked to fill roles for Couriers, Light & Heavy Goods drivers.

Couriers & Deliveries

Couriers & Delivery Drivers are tasked with the job of delivering small parcels, food, amongst other things within local areas. If you like working locally, having a variety of goods and products to deliver in a quick and efficient manner then this may be the career for you.

With the growth in companies such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and more recently the introduction of Uber Eats has meant that delivery drivers have never been in such high demand, this also rings true with the growth in online shopping.

LGV & HGV Drivers

When it comes to stating the difference between these two differing driving jobs… well there is none. 

There used to be one, which all came down to insurance and all sorts of other malarky, thankfully now, that has all been left in the past and the only real difference is the vehicle capacity and the goods within it.

If you want to discuss any career options?

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