Warehouse operatives – INDUSTRIAL

As the consumer and shopping habits have changed in recent years so have Careers in warehousing.

does warehousing and the Services provided Interest you?

So what is it & what are the opportunities

Management / Coordinating / Fulfilment / Handling

These days everyone is ‘au fait’ with warehouses and the use of warehousing. In recent years with the mass adoption of online shopping we have seen the exponential growth of warehousing requirements both industrial and commercial. Modern warehousing is a sophisticated industry that can also be known as logistics management.

Day to day duties for Warehouse operatives include:

  • Coordinating the receiving and distribution of goods and supplies
  • Damaged or missing items checks,
  • Handling said goods and products that come into the warehouse, either hand or using a forklift truck,
  • Picking and packing orders, ensuring the paper trail is fully managed and up to date.  
  • Management of team members and rotas for more senior operatives
  • Coordinating the delivery of any or all ordered goods

Warehousing roles are all extremely important in making sure customers are not disappointed by incorrect items, damaged or late deliveries.


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